Astra Zeneca
Co2 Inhaler :
Astra Zeneca has a mission to be Carbon neutral by 2030. In addition  to helping people with its products, it's also aiming to help the environment. By looking to new materials and processes an opportunity arose for it to view their plastic inhaler portfolio from a new perspective. Plastics made from Carbon Dioxide, the very waste gas that endangers the environment and  restricted people from breathing could now be turned into a plastic product that helped people breathe easier.
The Challenge:
What would an inhaler made from Carbon Dioxide look like? How would you visually communicate this ground breaking leap forward in material science?  
Realize a concept model of what the future of respiratory technology and eco-friendly manufacturing would look like. 
The Work:
Preliminary concepts explored ergonomics, visual language and user experience. Particular emphasis was placed on color scheme, construction and brand identity. 
Animation by Thiago Matsunaga / Fuze Image for Mcann Health - 2021 winner Clio Awards Bronze
From black to white. The final design's novel 3 piece construction with a guided finger cradle  and duotone color scheme communicated Astra Zeneca's dedication to taking bold steps forward to help people and the environment.
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