Affliction is a Southern California based brand with Rock n' Roll, motorbike, tattoo and Mixed Martial Arts influences. 
The Challenge:
Design and develop a line of watch accessories that embodied Affliction's rich visual vocabulary and brand heritage. 
For their inaugural line of accessories, Affliction sought to produce a line of watches to serve their core customers with an aesthetic and attention to detail they were known for and that no other brand could imitate. We maintained brand identity by echoing the detailed visual vocabulary in their illustrations and garment construction. We took note of the fabric washes, stitching, and molded details to help bridge the gap between their apparel and new watch accessories. Along with design, we also helped sourced factories that were able to produce custom embossed leather straps as well as signature buckles, crowns, hours and minute hands. This attention to detail and craftsmanship allowed Affliction to attract new customers to their brand as well as offer their core consumers a premium accessory that authentically represented their lifestyle. 

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